Genaro Co-Founders

In March, 2016, Genaro was cofounded by several entrepreneurs and passionate developers of blockchain industry.

Larry Liu

Genaro Founder,CEO

Larry Liu is a co-founder of the Genaro Network, CEO of Jiluo Tech and a blockchain pioneer. An entrepreneur with an engineering background, he graduated from Northwestern University with a focus on artificial intelligence. He went on to work as a security engineer at Hewlett-Packard, before going on to explore the possibilities of blockchain as an entrepreneur. He has rich R&D experience in cross-border payments, precision marketing and data storage in the blockchain industry.

Jason Inch

Genaro Founder,CSO

Jason Inch is a co-founder of the Genaro Network and Chief Strategy Officer at Jiluo Tech. Jason is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in various sectors of technology and business. Jason holds an Ivey MBA and is a former THNK student. He is a guest lecturer in the MBA program at Shanghai Jiaotong University and is the founder of China Business Events. More recently he has written China 4.0, and is working on a forthcoming book on blockchain and social impact.

Waylon Wu

Genaro Founder,CTO

Waylon Wu is a co-founder of the Genaro Network and Chief Technology Officer at Jiluo Tech. He was the core developer of the Silicon Valley Maxim Integrated Company and provided algorithms for Samsung. He later devoted himself to blockchain R&D and developed more than ten smart contracts in the fields of traceability, anti-counterfeiting and supply chain finance. His experience involves blockchain virtual machines, P2P storage, consensus algorithms and many other underlying technologies.

Andrea Liu

Genaro Founder,COO

Andrea Liu is a co-founder of the Genaro Network, the Chief Operating Officer of Jiluo Tech, a well-known female leader in the field of blockchain, a social entrepreneur and an investor. Andrea has extensive sales, marketing, operations and management capabilities. She helped to establish ICT and LOHAUS, a sustainability and social entrepreneurship project. She has planned and overseen extensive marketing and PR activities and has provided management training services for a number of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Genaro Core Members

Genaro Core Members are passionate developers, entrepreneurs and professionals with many years of industry experience and outstanding skills from all over the world.

John Pigeon

Technology Management

John is a Principle Data Scientist at Microsoft, applying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to draw insight from unstructured text through data visualization.

Zhaohui Zhang

Core Developer

Zhaohui received MS degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JiaoTong University. He focused on the technologies about cloud computing and internet of things.

Li Shi

Core Developer

Li Shi full stack developer. Li has rich experience in both enterprise applications as well as internet applications.

Iris Hu

Product Designer

Genaro Product Designer. Iris graduated from designing school and had 3 years’ experience of product design, UI/UX design and social media operation.

Sophie Lei

Business Development

Genaro Business Development. She graduated from business school and has over 3 years of business development in different countries.

Luke Sheehan

Content Manager

I am excited to be contributing to the early development of this Singapore and Shanghai-founded international blockchain startup. Genaro are determined to use the great blockchain momentum spreading out of Asia to create what they call 'Blockchain 3.0,' a decentralized system of storage and processing which will allow users to make the most out of the world's untapped computer power.

Alex Yang

Technology Evangelist

Genaro Technology Evangelist, Silicon valley community manager and Google/YouTube Software Engineer. He is an expert in machine learning and distributed system design.

Amber Yuan

East Asia Community Evangelist

Amber is professional community builder and manager with 4 years’ experience. She was community manager of LOHAUS (one of the earliest co-working space) and several business forums builder.

Amirsan Roberto

CIS Community Evangelist

Serial entrepreneur and digital geek. Amir cofounded three companies Roberto&Co, Wonder.Wiki, Wiredin Branding and all got funding and exited/acquired successfully.

Kenneth Tan

South Asia Community Evangelist

Kenneth is currently the COO at Pinnacle Digital and Co-Founder of Fund Yourself Now. He has over 10 years of experience in the product design and development in blockchain industry.

Samuel Lasisi

West Africa Community Evangelist

Samuel is one of the pioneers in digital finance in Nigeria. He has rich experience in blockchain technologies. He is founder of the first cryptocurrency in Africa CRYPTOGENE.

Glen Lee

Korea Community Evangelist

Glen is early adaptor in crypto currency market. He included lots of crypto currncy market(angel investing,trading,mining and etc). he has Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Laws together and now days he working in shipping specialist.

Madhu Kutty

Genaro India Community Evangelist

Madhu Kutty is a pioneer and an early adaptor in the cryptocurrency space. Madhu is a General Partner at ChanceRiver Technologies, Arcadia Crypto Fund and is an Investor/Advisor at Accubits; leading BlockChain Firm in India. A frequent collaborator and a tangential thinker.

Tony Le

Pacific Marketing Consultant

Analyst & Director of Marketing. ICO Marketing Strategist, Advisor, early adopter of blockchain and has over 10+ years of digital marketing experience.

Genaro Community Evangelist

The Genaro Community is an open and free group and has supporters from over 30 countries, including countries in Europe, Africa, South Asia, North America, Australia and so on.

Genaro Community Evangelist Plan is to give both Genaro internal team and Genaro followers/community members a great chance to work together to drive the blockchain 3.0 revolution.

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Professor David Lee

Famous Angel Investor and Founder of Left Coast

“The world of decentralization celebrates as we push the frontier further with Genaro.”

Mr. Jun Du

Founder of Jinse Finance, Nodecap Capital and Huobi

“Genaro's original consensus mechanism, industry ecosystem plan, and the team's international perspective will be the most powerful disruptors of Ethereum.”

Mr. Matthew Roszak

Co-Founder and Chairman of Bloq and Partner of Tally Capital

“Genaro represents a new layer of critical infrastructure for a decentralized future — reimagining data storage will enable new development rails to provide distributed web services, and create a more resilient and secure Internet.”

Mr. Next Lin

Founder of LinkVC and Co-founder of SosoBTC

“The Genaro ecosystem makes deploying smart contract and storing data more secure and more efficient. Their decentralized solution is an effective supplement of centralized storage. I'm quite optimistic about Genaro's incredible potential in the individual and enterprise data storage market.”

Mr. Jingchao Liu

Founder of Stars Capital, BTC9 and

“The Genaro Network is the rising star in blockchain industry this year, its original consensus mechanism will definitely drive the blockchain revolution. That’s why Stars Capital decided to fully support Genaro in a long turn after a deep research into its technology, business model and global resources. ”

Ryan Xu

Collinstar Co-founder,Hcash Angel Investor and Honorary Chairman

“A great project needs great leaders, in the way of boosting project, Larry’s leadership impressed me greatly. ”

Jeff Garzik

Chief Executive of Bloq and Segwit2x Developer

"The Genaro Network modernizes Dapps through Blockchain 3.0, providing the missing link-reliable decentralized storage - that the ecosystem has lacked until now."

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