Genaro Eden Beta is Released!

Thanks for all your support and we are happy to announce Genaro Eden, the first Genaro Application, is ready for public testing!

Genaro Eden has two versions: Mac version – You can use it as your personal storage in a decentralized way and pay GNX; Linux/Unix version – You can use command line to manage your files and pay GNX; Please note the Beta version is for public testing purpose and will be all free for everyone.

Please feel free to send any feedback to:, thanks!

Download Genaro Eden Beta Now

Git source repository is on GitHub>>

Mac OS XLinux / Unix

cli demo

Genaro Eden Sharer - Beta is released!

Genaro Eden Sharer is for everyone to share unused space to earn GNX as reward. Please note the Beta version is for public testing purpose and will be all free for everyone, therefore sharer will not receive GNX as well, but will be the first ones join business version.

Note: Beta version is only for the ones have public IP address. Please feel free to send any feedback, thanks!

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Genaro Eden is powered by Genaro Network and Storj Labs. Genaro has integrated its decentralized storage network with Storj technology and resources in a long-term partnership that will not only provide everyone a trustworthy Internet and sharing community, but also contribute to blockchain infrastructure development and the overall blockchain ecosystem.

Genaro Eden - A Trustworthy Internet for Everyone

The Genaro community of users may utilize Genaro as their private and permanent cloud storage platform in a more efficient and affordable way than existing centralized approaches.  Genaro Eden is permanently online because of redundancy design and consistently fast because Genaro always tries to find the nodes nearest to you to store your data. What’s more, by using a sharing economy business model, Genaro releases the huge amount of unused storage space and therefore gives society a less wasteful, more sustainable solution in which everyone has a chance to gain from blockchain technology.

File Storage Is Easy to Understand

Drag word, pptx, pdf, psd, MP4 and other formats of the file to "+" icon around, then it can be uploaded to the Genaro personal space. The uploaded file can be deleted, renamed and shared, its storage address can be changed as well .

File Upload Can Be Traced Back

Click the "History" button on the left side of the management bar to view the historical operation of the personal file management, including the basic information of the file upload time, size, type and name, you will understand the personal operation in a timely basis.

Customize the File Security Level

Click the "Upload" button in the left side of the basic management bar, you can also upload files in different formats, and customize the storage folder and file security level. File security level has a total of three, you can customize your own security level according to your personal need.

Share Space to Win Rewards

Click on the left side of the basic management of the column "To share my storage space", you can visualized to understand the condition of sharing the storage and using of space during different individual time by the detailed chart below,Meanwhile you can understand the usage rate of the space sharing, As well as personal hard disk storage space, available capacity and the situation of GNX revenue.

At the same time, on the right side of the page ,in the personal center of the column, you can quickly view your points income, space sharing condition and other information, also,you can quickly share personal storage space, and customize the expected points income.

The Main Function :

1, basic management, including hard disk management and hard disk points management, detailed view of the information about the management of hard disk and modify it.

2, capacity statistics, count the capacity of the remaining hard disk.

3, system management, manage related rental hard disk space points income and other settings.

Technical Design Features :

The idle hard disk is based on the block chain technology, and it is managed by cloud-based configuration, with the excellent transmission speed, simple interface and good interactivity.