Genaro Mainnet Launch GNX ERC-20 to Mainnet

Coin Transfer Instructions

Dear Community:

• GNX Holders Token Transfer Instructions

The Genaro mainnet will be officially launched at 17:00 on December 12th(Singapore time). In order to ensure a smooth transition to the mainnet, the formerly ERC-20 compatible GNX will not migrate. The holder does not need to perform any operations. That is, if your GNX ERC20 tokens are stored in an Ethereum wallet (such as Parity, MyEtherWallet, imToken, MetaMask, etc.), or on a major exchange, you do not need to perform any action; you can still trade and make transfers as usual. The specific time and arrangement of the official swap and terms will be announced separately. Please pay attention to the related swap announcements issued via Genaro official media channels and major exchanges, as well as the notifications in each group.

• Genaro Network DApp Users Token Transfer Instructions

If you are a Genaro Network DApp user (including but not limited to G-Box applications), or a Genaro Sharer user, please note that all nodes will be running on the Genaro mainnet after December 12th. Therefore, you will need to replace former ERC20 GNX with the mainnet coin otherwise the product will not work properly.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Contact Genaro's official customer service to switch to the mainnet GNX coin required to share the node. You can transfer your original GNX ERC20 token to the designated Genaro official Ethereum wallet address: 0x00De436C223019998647153606d2e61Ee0009de2. Lock your GNX, send the transfer transaction hash value and transfer screenshot to Genaro’s customer service(WeChat ID:GenaroNetwork007 or email to:

2. Download the latest mainnet DApp client, and then create a new Genaro mainnet wallet by importing the json file of the previously transferred wallet. Or create a new wallet directly in the new Sharer program and send the new wallet address to Genaro Customer Service. Genaro customer service will issue a replacement for the main network coin at a rate of 1:1 for users, at 16:00 pm every workday.

3. After the mainnet is launched on December 12th, and before the Genaro team and the relevant exchanges announce further transfer details, if there is demand for withdrawal or other transaction with the GNX mainnet coin rewards obtained by the nodes you run, you can contact Genaro official customer service and transfer the mainnet coin to the official mainnet wallet address: 0x00De436C223019998647153606d2e61Ee0009de2, Genaro’s team will replace your mainnet coin with the equivalent amount of GNX ERC20 tokens according to 1:1 ratio, to your Ethereum wallet address or exchange address provided for transfer and trading at your convenience.


1. For users who will conduct the transfer via wallet transfer, please confirm the address published by Genaro official website and Genaro official Telegram. Do not transfer to any other address other than this, to prevent the loss of assets. Genaro will not outsource any third-party agency or customer service to collect or transfer GNX. In case of a transfer error, the loss of your assets will be borne by you.

2. If there is a replacement problem, please consult the only designated customer service WeChat: (ID: GenaroNetwork007 or email to

Your Genaro Network Team