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G-Box is a blockchain-based online data storage, data sharing, data interaction, digital assets and space management platform developed by Genaro Network. G-Box, Your Trusted Smart Data Client where DApps can be found and used without difficulty.



Artificial Intelligence to pick the optimal node


Distributed encrypted decentralized storage


Data can be accessed only through a private key


Uses the sharing economy model to guarantee the lowest market price possible


Redundant storage, multi-node backup

Genaro Eden is powered by Genaro Network and Storj Labs. Genaro has integrated its decentralized storage network with Storj technology and resources in a long-term partnership that will not only provide everyone with a trustworthy Internet and sharing community, but also contribute to blockchain infrastructure development and the overall blockchain ecosystem.

Genaro Wallet

Multi-functional Smart Digital Wallet
The Genaro exclusive wallet is a light node wallet that supports the Genaro digital ecosystem. Users can complete token transfers, transactions, deploy smart contracts, complete special transactions and manage through the all-in-one.
Access to More Information
Users can look up digital identity, access block information, transaction information, address information, and mnemonic key information.
Easy Management of Digital Assets
Users can manage other encrypted digital assets based on the Genaro network ecosystem, such as encrypted files, emails, domain names and other digital assets.

Genaro Eden

Your Safe, Private and Decentralized Storage Cloud
Genaro Eden, a decentralized cloud storage, provides everyone with secure, private, efficient, economical, and permanent storage, Eden is also the first DApp based on the Genaro Network.
Exclusive Encrypted File Sharing
Users can upload, download, and store files by paying in GNX. At the same time, users can also share private files in encrypted transmissions to other wallets with Genaro digital identity.

Genaro Sharer

Share Space to Become A Network Node
Genaro Eden Sharer (Genaro Sharer) is a dual-layer cloud storage sharing economy network. Users can share the specified storage space and store the file fragments uploaded by Genaro Eden users to get the corresponding GNX storage rewards.
Run Miner to Join The Committee
If the sharer's node is of good quality, it can be selected to become a member of the committee, and users can run the Miner program to get Genaro Network's block-creation rewards and commission fees generated by Genaro Network transactions. The token economy incentive model generates great value for the released idle storage space.


VEDI (Verfiable Encrypted Data Interaction) System
Genaro's first version of the encrypted mailbox, also known as 'Verifiable Encrypted Data Interaction' (VEDI) system.
Encrypted emails can be shared via wallet address or domain
The system deploys blockchain and distributed storage technology to achieve decentralization and enables users to send encrypted emails and data via address or domain name only.



New user benefits

- Available to Genaro Eden first-time users get 25 GB storage for free in the first year
-The first 10,000 registered users of the account can get 5 GNX Bandwidth usage discount per person


Bandwidth costs

- Billing by traffic: Post-payment method
- Deducts fees according to your actual usage and daily real-time billing. Therefore, in order to ensure the stable use of the service, please pre-charge the account after usage and before deduction.


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