The Genaro Network Mainnet Launch Is Coming Soon , Please Stay Tuned for the Official Token Transfer Instructions

Genaro Community & Mission Statement

The Genaro Network is being developed and operated by a worldwide team of passionate and experienced developers and entrepreneurs for Genaro Ltd, a Singapore-based nonprofit foundation. The Genaro community is an open and free group and has supporters from over 60 countries. Genaro aims to open the way for the next generation of blockchain applications and make DApps as useful as Internet APPs are now.


The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro pioneered the combination of SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) to form a new consensus mechanism, ensuring stronger performance, better security and a more sustainable blockchain infrastructure. Genaro provides developers with a one-stop platform to deploy smart contracts and store the data needed by DApps simultaneously. Genaro Network’s mission is to ensure the secure migration of the core Internet infrastructure to the blockchain.


2016.3 The Original

Conceptualization of Genaro Network, project's key point fixed as migration of the internet onto the blockchain.

2017.11 Epsilon Plan

Completion of the global round of the token sale. Received support from 20 well established funds and thousands of community members.

2017.12 Romulus Plan

Genaro Eden Beta version release debuted the first peer-to-peer storage DApp of its kind in Asia.

2018.3 Eden Plan

Genaro Eden Business Edition release gave the community a way to share storage space in a seamless and open manner.

2018.Q2 Andor Plan

Genaro Eden Enterprise edition released to our group of selected global partners.

2018.Q3 Cheron Plan

Genaro’s testnet will launch, fully equipped with SPoR+PoS sustainable consensus mechanism.

2018.Q3/Q4 Theta Plan

Genaro Eden will be offered to the community in an upgraded version, enabling full fluidity in data sharing.

2018.Q4 Altair Plan

Mainnet will be made available to global users and will become the premier Dual-Strata Architecture DApp Building platform for developers.

2019 Tycho Plan

The Genaro Network chain will implement the GSIOP cross-chain protocol to create the Ultimate Public Chain.

2020 Triskelion Plan

Genaro Network will pioneer next generation AI automation capabilities.


Community Evangelist

The Genaro Community is an open and free group and has supporters from over 30 countries, including countries in Europe, Africa, South Asia, North America, Australia and so on.

Genaro Community Evangelist Plan is to give both Genaro internal team and Genaro followers/community members a great chance to work together to build future smart data ecosystem.

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